Welcome to Zeal Perunding Sdn Bhd

Zeal Perunding Sdn Bhd was formed in March 2008. The firm provides professional engineering services which cover major disciplines of Mechanical and Electrical services. We also provide service as Green Building Index (GBI) Facilitator.

In today’s competitive and demanding market, Zeal Perunding Sdn Bhd reckoned that to provide excellent services with viable and modest tab without compromising quality is essential to gain confident from Client. To keep abreast with the latest design automation and to enhance its efficiency in the engineering consultancy and green industry, Zeal Perunding Sdn Bhd is fully equipped with computer-aided draughting and design system backed by a full range of software and hardware for all design requirements.  Couple with highly competent technical and non-technical supporting staff, the Firm is committed towards the provision of high quality professional services in order to ensure clients’ success in projects of every magnitude and complexity.

Most importantly, the compact set up and ‘hands-on’ attitude advocated by the founders ensure that dedicated, experienced and competent personnel attentions will be given to all aspects of each project. This would mean that we could translate our attention and effort in providing better services and ensuring eminent quality, which we think and strongly believe is the key to a successful project; hence client satisfaction.